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Welcome to the online home of the Community Therapists Network, a national organisation providing information, training and education to AHPs who provide therapy, care and support for people living with long-term conditions in the community.


Learning How to Use the TOM - New date
31st May, London

This workshop, lead by Prof Pam Enderby, will enable participants to be able to select an appropriate outcome measure for their clinical practice. Delegates go away with a greater understand of how best to collect and measure outcomes data on clients receiving treatments. The day includes both theoretical and practical components. Delegate Fee - £175

Click here for details & to book at £175 (discount for CTN members)

Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention: Focus on Neurological Patients Wed 14th Match, London - Full

It has been reported that 30% of people aged 65 and over will fall at least once a year and having a neurological condition increase that likelihood of a fall. In this workshop lead to by two experienced specialists, you will enjoy sessions that will be practical and client focused, whilst bringing in some relevant updates on the latest research. The workshop will also discuss key approaches to reducing falls in your service including assessment, with the focus being on falls prevention and management in people with neurological conditions.

To book your place at £75 click here 


Mental Fitness: A practical approach to supporting mental health  Wed 11th April, Blackburn

Why do some people manage to lift themselves out of a depressed mood without too much support, whereas others really struggle? This short workshop applies the concept of mental fitness to help to address this question and related issues. It offers some practical tips on managing a person’s mental health, especially after a traumatic life event, using  personal experience.

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Therapy Outcome Measure - User Survey.  Thank you to all those who completed the survey. We will publish the findings of the survey in due course

Overcoming the challenges of outcomes - Kathryn Moyse reports on the culture change around delivering and measuring effective outcomes.

Click here to read this article


Health Education with a difference Focus Games

We are delighted to be featuring the work of Focus Games, who offer an innovative team building approach to supporting health professional training, through games. Take a look at what they have to offer you and your colleagues by clicking on the image, and if you are keen to try any of the games go, please use the code STR10 to save 10% on your order.

Further details from here

Importance of Good Data

NHS services across the country continue to be challenged with measuring and improving the quality of their services, and as part of that process, they need to capture data. This, as Karen Middleton, CEO of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists states in her video message at TOMs CONNECT.

To view the video click here

Work-Health Divide

Crossing the Work/Health Divide - Better Engagement with Employers 
Meeting report now available

All attendees enjoyed learning from the experiences of VR specialist colleagues across the UK. The discussion sessions enabled people to share their own perspectives. The importance of supporting employees mental health and ways of doing that was a significant feature of the day, along with an excellent presentation which got people thinking about what outcomes VR services should be measuring. To read the executive summary click here


People and Aninals

People and Animals UK CIC: An independent community organisation, driving social change, supporting coordinated community action in economically marginalised, isolated communities. Creating opportunities for excluded, vulnerable people to engage, share ideas and develop an identity, we utilise the non-threatening appeal of animals to overcome barriers faced; regardless of disability, mental health challenges, age, culture, economic status, background. From engagement to empowerment, we provide stability through strong community connections to enable voices of those who have not previously been heard.

Further details of the organisatin can be found from here