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Welcome to the Community Therapists Network, a national organisation providing information, training and education to AHPs working within rehabilitation and intermediate care settings and who work across education, health, mental health and social care (local government). They provide care and support for people living with long-term conditions.

Therapy Outcome Measure

Learning how to use the Therapy Outcome Measure
18th June, London

This workshop lead by Prof Pam Enderby, enables participants to be able to select an appropriate outcome measure for their clinical practice. Delegates go away with a greater understand of how best to use the Therapy Outcome Measure (with it's core and many adapted scales) to collect and measure outcomes data on clients receiving treatments. The day includes both theoretical and practical components, looking are how to use the TOMs to measure the value and impact of a service.

Further details of this much needed event from here 

Community Neuro

Managing Complex Neurological Conditions in the Community
25th June, The Banqueting Suite, Council House, Birmingham

Wherever you work, be it primary, secondary or community care, this event will help you gain the knowledge to assist in making those neurological conditions categorised as ‘complex’, less so, and support a coordinated multidisciplinary approach to care that supports the quality of life of patients and their families. Read more about the day…

Further details of this much needed event from here 

Mind, Medicine and Music

Mind, Medicine and Music - Achieving Excellence in Neurorehabilitation
5th July, Tonbridge, Kent

If you are interested in harnessing the power of the mind, particularly in the context of neurorehabilitation, we invite you to participate in and enjoy this unique one day event in the wonderful grounds of the Raphael Hospital, a specialist centre for neurorehabilitation. Come and enjoy a day designed to stimulate various discussions arising from imaginative presentations, including an introduction into the rapidly developing world of Lifestyle Medicine and enjoy an early evening open air concert

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Services present their TOMs research at TOMs CONNECT  Read more and hear the poster presentation from here.

Overcoming the challenges of outcomes Kathryn Moyse reports on the culture change around delivering and measuring effective outcomes

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The Inflamed Mind By Professor Ed Bullmore

We are delighted to be featuring the work of Prof Ed Bullmore, who in this fascinating book reveals the breakthrough new science on the link between depression and inflammation of the body and brain..

Further details and how to purchase your copy for £10 from here

The Inflamed Mind and Neurological Illness

 This was the topic that Neil Bindemann, discussed when he delved into the fascinating field of neuro-immunology, especially in relation to science of the gut microbiome and mental fitness. Neil is also speaking at the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine conference in June. Details from here

To read a copy of Neil's slides click here

Work-Health Divide

Evidencing the ‘Value’ of Rehabilitation:
How to present outcomes data to support a service.
Presented at NAIDEX, March 2019, NEC, Birmingham

Dr Steven Ariss gave a discussed how teams/services should be analysing and interpreting outcomes date and then presenting it to inform ways to improve service standards. He focused on the work with the TOM and how services are now gaining in confidence by implementing an outcome measurement that  provides key information needed to support the commissioning of a service.

Download the slides from here


65 High St

NEURONCOLOGY: is a new project that the P-CNS is pleased to announce. Working in partnership with the International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) and ACNR, we will be working to highlight the need for primary care and community based services to provide appropriate support for people living with brain tumours and highlight the work of AHPs in supporting the quality of life and mental health of people living through a brain tumour experience.

Learn more about the triggers for this new project here