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The Therapy Outcome Measure

The Therapy Outcome Measure (TOM) is an outcome measure that allows professionals from many disciplines working in health, social care and education to describe the relative abilities and difficulties of a patient/client in the four domains of ‘impairment’, ‘activity’, ‘participation’ and ‘wellbeing’ in order to monitor changes over time. TOM has been rigorously tested for reliability and clinical validity. It is quick and simple to use, taking just a few minutes to complete, and is used for treatment planning, clinical management, audit and research. It allows for the aggregation of data so that comparisons can be made for the purposes of internal and external benchmarking.

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and TOM 

Following an indepth analysis of outcome measures, the RCSLT have embarked on an innovative and ambitious project to support speech and language therapists with delivering and measuring effective outcomes. Using the Therapy Outcome Measure.

You can read more about this project from here

To read the view of RCSLT on the TOM in an article published in January 2015 in the SLT Bulletin click here.

Therapy Outcome Measure for AAC

Read an article published in the Sept 15 issue of the SLT Bulletin which describes the potential for using TOM in Augmentative and Alternative Communication -  click here.

Therapy Outcome Measure and Dysphagia

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, SLT bulletin recently published an article (Feb 2016) where Prof Pam Enderby discusses the use of the TOM in acute dysphagia. To read the article click here

Who is being trained in TOM?

To find out more about who is being trained up on how to use the TOM along with some feedback on the training then click here.

The Therapy Outcome Measure (TOM) Training

The team of TOM workshop trainers is led by Professor Pam Enderby, the co-author of the TOM. The workshop includes both theoretical and practical components and provides participants with tools to collect and measure outcomes data on clients receiving treatments.

In addition to the open enrollement workshops, we do organise TOMs workshops specifically for a Unit/Department. This is a more cost effective approach if you have at least 10 people needing trained. For further details and costs on this option please email

Importance of good data

The view the video presentation from Karen Middleton (CEO of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) at TOMs CONNECT click here.


TOM Train the Trainers

Once youy have completed the standard one day TOMs training course, you may want to think about becoming a trainer so that you can extend the reach of the TOMs across your Trust or organisation.

This half day train course is designed for those professionals, who wish to gain the required skills and knowledge that enables them to become skilled TOMs trainers in order to run TOM workshops across their service.

The delegate fee is £245, which covers the license for you to provide TOMs training across your organisation/Trust as well access to online resources. If you are interested in becoming a trainer please email Details of the next Train the trainer course will be posted on the events page of the website.

See more in events >

The Therapy Outcome Measure Book, new 3rd edition


This updated and revised edition of Therapy Outcome Measures for Rehabilitation Professionals:
- includes the scales for 47 conditions
- assists with the practical implementation
- of gathering outcome data on patients/clients/students who are receiving - intervention/care/treatment
- greatly facilitates team working and communication
- includes training materials

Read the book review from the RCSLT Bulletin from here

All 47 scales for the different conditions are provided as separate downloadable pdf files on the accompanying CD along with related material.

The book is intended to assist with the practical implementation of gathering outcome data on patient/clients receiving treatment. Like the previous edition, the latest edition combines the scales for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, hearing therapists and rehabilitation nurses. This will facilitate team working and communication. It is compatible with the International Classification of Functioning (ICF), and International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision (ICD10).

To purchase a copy of the latest edition priced at £35 click here.

More info from TOMs CONNECT

You access more resources about TOMs from here.