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Welcome to the developing world of TOMs CONNECT

TOMs CONNECT is a where you can learn more about the Therapy Outcome Measure, which includes information on how people are using the TOMs across the UK, via dynamic poster presentations. You can also download the slide presentation from previous TOMs CONNECT conferences, the latest being from November 2018.

Opening Address -

Relating outcome measurement to the 'value' of rehabilitation services.

6pp version


Understanding the world of commissioning and how real-world data collection informs decision making - Sue Thomas

6pp version


How to analyse data to inform on service development plans - Neil Pettinger

6pp version


Deciphering patient reported data – from insights to informed decision making! Nadine van Dongen - MD of

6pp version


How to collect, interpret, present and use TOMs data - Monitoring, Audit and Evaluation

6pp version


Key steps to developing a TOMs adapted scale

6pp version

Intro to TOMs - A slide presentation given by Prof Pam Enderby.

TOMs Dynamic Research Posters - how are service using TOMs

Posting a TOMs Case on Medshr - Opportunities to discuss and post TOMs cases

TOMs - 3rd Edition book

Other TOMs information

TOMsCONNECT16 Conference Presentations

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