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Propeller Rehabilitation Software 15% discount

Propeller is a leading resource for rehabilitation software, to assist individuals in regaining speech, reading and writing skills impaired due to stroke or brain injury.

Whether in the clinic or at home, computer therapy can provide additional assistance to help regain speech, reading and writing skills impaired due to stroke or brain injury. 

Propeller software has been helping patients around the world since 1998. It helps to maintain progress following speech therapy and helps boost patients self esteem.

Propeller is the developer of React2 the groundbreaking and highly acclaimed speech and language therapy program. The Company distributes the complete range of Bungalow programs, Speech Sounds on Cue for people with speech sound disorders, Lexilogic and Vox Games. Propeller is also a UK distributor for Lexion, a computer based system for stimulating and training people with language related disorders, dyslexia or aphasia.

As a special offer to members of the CTN, Propeller are offering a 15% discount on the total value of their online order on Propeller’s website.

To claim your discount:

Visit our Resources section and click on the Propeller link. You will be taken to the Propeller store and given a discount coupon code to claim 15% off your order price.

Note: you will be asked to login to access the Resources section and claim your discount.

You must be a member of the network to qualify for this discount. To register, or to find out about other members' benefts, please visit our Membership page.

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